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Face Fashion
Face Fashion is a unique book designed to help fashion designers and illustrators to acquire skills for drawing the fashion face so that it complements and enhances the fashion figure drawing. Encyclopaedic treatment of how to draw the face, hair, makeup plus hats and accessories for the head. Beautifully illustrated with more than 500 original illustrations from Nancy Riegleman.

By Nancy Riegelman

Price: $55.60

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Nancy Riegalman 9 Heads
9 Heads: A Guide to Drawing Fashion, 4/e, provides a simple and effective system for learning to create drawings with these qualities. The text teaches how to acquire the techniques, skills, and knowledge needed to make realistic fashion figures to serve as firm foundations for fashion design sketches. Riegelman also covers the fashion topics, terminology, and current trends that design students need to be familiar with, and provides over a thousand new examples of contemporary drawings to inspire students in their work.
Price: $100.00

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